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What others are saying

“Ambitious in scope, solidly researched and smoothly written.”

— professional assessment of one of my novels

“A first-class murder mystery.”

Barbara Brennan, review of Who’s Grace? in Maranatha News

“Coggins, being the clever mystery writer he is, has concocted an intricately suspenseful story.”

M. Wayne Cunningham, review of Who’s Grace? in The Daily News, Kamloops, B.C.

“Like any good mystery, this one is full of surprises, and Coggins handles suspense elements deftly. . . . characters are believable and captivating. Recommended to mystery lovers.”

Joseph Bentz, review of Who’s Grace? in CBA Marketplace

“Ultimately this novel succeeds because it’s hard to put down.”

Karen Stiller, review of Who’s Grace? in Faith Today

Who’s Grace? was awesome! What a brilliant piece of creativity! Thank you for the best short, intense, no fluff mysteries I’ve read. Please keep them coming.”

Nancy Burton, Nebraska

“Coggins has a knack for drawing the reader into his story and keeping us there until the end. Who’s Grace? is a must read for anyone who likes a little humor, mystery and hope that God will work all things for good.”

Linda Mae Baldwin, review in The Road to Romance

“James R. Coggins delivered what he promised, at the price he promised, when he promised. That pleased me. He grasped the tone of my story, and his suggestions were quite pertinent and helpful. That impressed me. What I found most reassuring, however, was the emphasis he put on the fact that it was my book and that I would have the final word on each issue.”

J.C. Di Musto MD, author of Cat Purple in Grosse Pointe

“A note Jim Coggins sent me a long time ago had a big impact. The note accompanied a couple of returned pieces I had submitted, but outlined some tips on how to improve my writing. At the time I was a student and knew I wanted to write, but really had no clue how to go about it. Having a busy editor take the time to write a note to me meant a lot.”

Kelly Rempel, Managing Editor, ChristianWeek

“Jim Coggins has edited more than 20 of my submissions and was professional in all aspects of the work. He offered insightful critique and positive prodding to sharpen what was presented. He seemed committed to let my personality (rather than his skills) show through, always with a view to say better what needed to be said. The result was quality writing with a minimum of words, sharpness in delivery and accuracy in relating events.”

Reuben Pauls, Sorrento, B.C.

“Although his dissertation was highly specialized, it made delightful reading because Dr. Coggins has special talents when it comes to clarity of style. He writes with a refreshing flair.”

Dr. Werner O. Packull

“As a columnist I have worked closely with Jim Coggins for more than a decade. I have found him to be thoroughly competent, well organized, very helpful, and congenial. He possesses impressive editorial expertise and uses it to good effect. He serves clients with distinction. I recommend him without reservation.”

Dr. John H. Redekop, Abbotsford, B.C.

“Your latest book was GREAT! I look forward to purchasing and reading all the books you intend to write.”

Ron Sawatsky

“I purchased Who’s Grace? and Desolation Highway and read both of them in one week. They kept me turning the pages. Thank you for your books. They have blessed me! Why watch television when you can enjoy a good book?”

David Wilson, Washington

“You did it again! Mountaintop Drive is a brilliantly clever book that had me guessing to the last page. I’m eager for your next book and the next and the next.”

Nancy Burton, Nebraska

Who’s Grace? is a superb, well written mystery, hard to put down. It was very refreshing to read about an obviously Christian character who was not sanctimonious.”

Juanita Violini, Masterpiece Mysterys

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