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  • It is good to live in a land where the police search for missing persons instead of create them.
  • The subjunctive is an obsolete verb tense used only by evangelicals in prayer.
  • Life is an inflationary currency. If it is not spent, it gradually depreciates until it is gone.
  • We don’t know the value of faithfulness until we are on the receiving end of it.
  • As far as I know, no revival in history has ever begun in a church headquarters.
  • Until I studied church history and architecture, I always thought the flying buttresses of the church were angels.
  • People who talk about “communicating effectively” usually aren’t.
  • I am not lysdexic!
  • If Mensa members are so intelligent, why do they waste their time doing those silly puzzles and quizzes?
  • Nowadays when it is said someone is godly, I want to know first what god it is that person is like.
  • I can still touch my toes. It just takes a longer stick than it used to.
  • What is the world coming to? There is a kids’ cartoon about a sponge who lounges around all day in his underwear. A lot of people have brothers-in-law like that. But they don’t let their kids play with them.
  • The next time you are disillusioned and angry with God because He did not give you what you want, ask yourself: Do you really want to worship a God who doesn’t have any greater plans other than to take orders from you?

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