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On the Percolation of Great Ideas from Great Minds to Lesser Ones and the Practical Effects of Abstract Ideas

E = MC2
– Einstein, you know
– or 3, if anyone cared to make it so,
or any value – MD? –
you wish to give.
Oh, Einstein won’t mind. You see,
all’s relative.

The Rock Age

“Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.”
It’s high time we laid this cliché to rest,
Since, judging from rock videos at least,
Music doth harm and frees the savage beast.
Rather than music ruling the beast’s heart,
The beast has turned and now controls the art.

Matter of Life and Death

For the young, death comes unexpectedly, breaking
Apart, leaving so many details to arrange.
For the saints who’ve over long time grown heavenly,
Passing on is more continuity than change.


Two times, out on the empty road somewhere,
Half the way between no place and nowhere,
I unexpecting saw the face of God,
Like a great, dark-cloaked moose with knobby knees
I saw stand beside the road, and was awed
Before he quickly vanished in the trees.
He could not be made to appear again,
Though I waited a long time there to stare
And though I looked in a place by the name
Of Moose Lake, and saw signs, he was not there.
But what a privilege and trust for life
That Almighty God appeared to me twice!


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